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The Entertainment Analytics Conference is an annual gathering of around 65 leaders from industry and academia focused on the innovative use of data and analytics in entertainment. The goal is to encourage sharing and learning so all participants can stay ahead of the curve.


What attend?

We asked ChatGPT for a list of reasons to join. Here is what it told us :)

  • 🎓 Continuing Education: The Entertainment Analytics Conference offers you the chance to learn from industry and academic leaders, furthering your expertise and keeping you updated on cutting-edge data analytics in the entertainment sector.

  • 💡 Innovation: This conference showcases innovative uses of data science in entertainment, helping you discover new methodologies and applications that can be used to tackle the challenges you face in your work.

  • 🎬 Industry Relevance: The topics discussed are directly relevant to your industry, including areas like movie taste clusters, marketing funnel in a digital world, empirical methods for determining the value of individual titles, and more.

  • 🔄 Knowledge Exchange: The conference allows you to engage in quality discussions with other attendees, providing a platform to exchange ideas, challenge concepts, and learn from different perspectives.

  • 👥 Networking: This is a chance for you to connect with professionals from major companies like Amazon, Apple, Google, Netflix, and more. These relationships can prove valuable for future collaborations or insights.

  • 🔍 Access to Cutting-Edge Research: You'll gain access to the latest research and findings in entertainment analytics, which could provide you with a competitive edge in your strategies and decision-making.

  • 📊 Analytics and Decision-Making: The conference talks are aimed at helping participants use data to drive decision-making in media and entertainment companies. This knowledge can enhance your strategic approach.

  • 🚀 Career Development: The conference would offer you an excellent opportunity for professional growth, helping you improve your skills, gain new insights, and ultimately bring more value to your team.

  • 🤝 Community Building: Attending this conference means being part of a community of professionals who are generous with their knowledge and eager to learn from others. This is an excellent environment for fostering partnerships and collaborations.

  • 📅 Staying Current: With the rapid evolution of the entertainment industry, especially in terms of data analytics, attending this conference ensures you remain informed about the latest developments, trends, and future directions.

  • 🔒 Confidential Discussion: The Chatham House Rule applied in the conference promotes open discussion without attributing ideas to individuals or organizations. This ensures candid sharing of insights and learnings.

  • 📍 Location: The conference is held in LA, a major hub for the entertainment industry, which makes it even more relevant and provides you an opportunity to get a firsthand feel of the market dynamics.

  • 🕹️ Understanding Audience: The conference provides you with insights into understanding audience preferences and behaviors, which is key to your product and content decisions.

  • 🛠️ Practical Solutions: By focusing on real business problems, such as optimizing ticket prices or measuring content value, the conference provides practical, applicable solutions that you can adopt or adapt in your context.

  • 🎮 Insights into Growing Sectors: With topics like the measurement system in eSports, the conference provides insights into rapidly growing sectors, offering potential opportunities for your business.

  • 🎵 Wide Coverage of the Entertainment Industry: The conference covers multiple facets of the entertainment industry – movies, music, TV shows, eBooks, and social media, giving you a comprehensive overview and understanding.

  • 💻 Technological Insights: By discussing advanced analytical methods like Markov Chain, Structural Modeling, and Self-organizing maps, the conference helps you stay on top of technological advancements in data analytics.

  • ✅ Improved Decision Making: The conference is designed to improve the quality of decision-making in the media and entertainment industry, and you can expect to bring back valuable insights that can enhance your strategic decisions.

  • 🏷️ Optimizing Pricing: With talks on topics like optimizing movie ticket prices or addressing piracy in eBook pricing, you can gain valuable insights to enhance your pricing strategy.

  • 🗣️ Better Communication: The conference also focuses on improving communication between data scientists and non-experts within organizations, which can greatly enhance your internal collaboration and efficiency.

What to expect at the conference?

The conference is structured around a series of presentations and discussions, with each presentation highlighting an innovative use of data or methodology. The discussions that follow are focused on building on and sometimes challenging the concepts presented. Participants get to learn about the latest analytical methods and applications in the entertainment industry from brilliant minds in movies, TV, music, gaming, and tech companies.


At the conference, you'll learn about the latest analytical methods and applications, such as:

  • Movie taste clusters and how they can be used to assist release date planning and marketing decisions

  • The marketing funnel in a digital world, and how to measure demand signals and weight them

  • Empirical methods for determining the value of an individual title in a large bundled service

  • TV show content genome and how it can be used for search/discovery, digital product personalization, programming a channel/service, and intelligence for content acquisition, production, and marketing

  • The power of regression discontinuities and synthetic control methods to prove that A caused B

  • The birth of a new measurement system in the huge and fast-growing world of eSports


The format is a series of 15 min presentations highlighting innovative uses of data or methodology to tackle questions of interest. Each will be followed by 15 mins of quality discussion from the room, which will build on (and sometimes challenge) the concepts from the presentation.


The Chatham House Rule is used to promote open discussion without attributing ideas to individuals or organizations. It means that participants can talk about what they learned but cannot attribute it to any individual or organization. This helps create an atmosphere of sharing and learning together.


Who attends?

ABC Television Group, Audiense, Amazon, Apple, BBC, Carnegie Mellon University, Chapman University, Disney, DreamWorks, Epix, FOX, Google, HBO, Hulu, MasterClass, MPAA, NBCUniversal, Netflix, Paramount, Parrot Analytics, RIAA, Sony Music, Sony Pictures, Spotify, Universal Music Group, University of Minnesota, UT Arlington, VIACOM, Walt Disney Studios, Warner Brothers. And many more.

Why attend the conference?

The conference is invite-only, which means that each attendee is special. You'll meet some of the most innovative minds in the entertainment industry and have the opportunity to engage in discussions with them. You'll also learn about the latest analytical methods and applications in the entertainment industry, and gain insights that will help you stay ahead of the curve.


The conference is as much about community as it is about learning. It's important to be both generous with your knowledge in presentations or in comments during the Q&A time and curious to learn from others. The result is a unique opportunity to learn from and engage with some of the most innovative minds in the industry.

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